Current Status and Future Plans (7/20/19 Edition)

Long time no see.

Current Situation

Crying over how bad Arifureta’s anime butchered the source material. Nothing new.

I’ve started on V3C2 of Master of Monsters. V3C1 is finished, and Upsilon should be editing soon. Sorry for the long delay still~.

I’ve gotten 1/2 of Jashin’s interlude volume done. Again, apologies for the wait.

Future Plans

Finish the fixings of the V2 chapters and start on V3 before mid-July.

—Get somewhere close to half of V3 of Master of Monsters done before the end of the year.

—Finish V2.5 of Jashin before mid-July end of July. Whoops

—Stop procrastinating.

—Stop procrastinating on the above goal.

So yeah, that’s about it for now. Thanks for taking your time to read this and I hope this helps you get a better understanding of how thing are currently. Anyways, I’ll see you guys next month with another update!


6 thoughts on “Current Status and Future Plans (7/20/19 Edition)

  1. Don’t remind me about the Arifureta anime! They totally ruined it.

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    1. I wanted to cry about 5 minutes into the first episode 😦

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  2. How’s the status on GenoRea?

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    1. Haven’t started on the next chapter yet, but I’ll get on it.


      1. Waits are the only downside of having two difficult-to-traslate series I’m thirsty to read picked up by the same skeleton-crew group, but given that waits ae better than what we had…

        Thanks for translating all of these great series. Much appreciated.

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  3. I want to cry with you. But, as you know, that’s to be expected. Almost all anime adaptations leads to disappointments. And the CG… THE CG!!! I know they had to cut most of the interesting parts of the novel, but man, they could have atleast spare it from that.

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