Current Status and Future Plans (1/22/20 Edition)

A month has passed already and I still have barely done anything. 😦

Current Situation

Hiya! Thy here. I’ve been doing some translating whilst editor is busy with college n’ stuff. Don’t exactly know when he’ll be free to edit, but know that when he does, you’ll be getting at least a few chapters!

At any rate: MoM. I’ve finished C11, and am currently about 1/3 through C12. Slowly working on it when I’m not busy, but making steady progress. Still hope to finish the entire volume by mid-June, but uh….we’ll see.

As for Jashin, C8 has been completed, edited, and posted. Have been spending all my time on MoM and Isekai Kichatta recently, so sadly no progress on another chapter yet.

And now, for Isekai Kichatta. The entire prologue has been finished, and I’ve recently started on C1 (over 13k words, save me). The plan is to release the entire volume at once, so hopefully I can get it done within a reasonable timeframe.

Future Plans

—Complete V3 of MoM by June or so.

—Do V1 of I Kinda Came to Another World, But Where’s the Way Home? in a reasonable time frame (Goal = <4 months).

—Be more consistent in terms of releases.

—Stop procrastinating.

So yeah, that’s all for now. Thanks for taking your time to read this and I hope this helps you get a better understanding of how thing are currently. Anyway, I’ll see you guys next month with another update!


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  1. Thanks
    Keep up the good work

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