Current Status and Future Plans (5/21/20 Edition)

It’s time for ze update~.

Current Situation

Well, here we are again. Another month’s gone by, and I’ve done….some work, I suppose. Not nearly as much as I wanted to, sadly. Editor’s been quite busy, too, but he’s being bombarded in his own way.

Also, WordPress is sadly retiring the old editor, so I’m going to try and get used to the new one. Hope I can make things the same way I used to, otherwise this’ll be reaaaaal annoying.

MoM: C13’s been uploaded! I also see someone tried to snipe the series, but considering they’re clearly a “for profit” group, I’ll continue to translate it myself.

Jashin: No progress, sadly.

Genocide Reality: Sadly, no progess at all here either.

Isekai Kichatta: Still not done with C2, but I’m now 65% done. V2 is going to be released in 10 days, so I’ll buy a copy of the raws so I can get ready to do that, too. I wonder if I’ll be able to complete it before V3 comes out…

Future Plans

—Complete V3 of MoM by June or so.

—Do V1 of I Kinda Came to Another World, But Where’s the Way Home? in a reasonable time frame (Goal = <4 months).

—Be more consistent in terms of releases.

—Stop procrastinating.

So yeah, that’s all for now. I’ll see you guys next month with another update!


1 thought on “Current Status and Future Plans (5/21/20 Edition)

  1. I am new to this idea, but do you guys are accepting people for editor? I am good when interpreting things and really, i think i can be of help. If that is a possibility, contact me via gmail:


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