Master of Monsters has been licensed!

Hey guys, Thy here. So, as some of you may already know, Master of Monsters has been officially licensed! Hooray! The official translation has already begun, and Volume 1 will apparently be able to read in full around August if I’ve read correctly.

But what does this mean for the Web Novel of MoM? Naturally, the WN translations on my site will most likely be taken down as per the eventual request from JNC or whoever. As such, I am going to stop translating Master of Monsters after V3C14 is edited and posted. If I’m allowed to continue, then I’ll decide where to go from there.

Anyway, that’s been my PSA for the week. Have a good day/night, and I’ll see ya in my usual monthly post.
-Thy Unsus

8 thoughts on “Master of Monsters has been licensed!

  1. As glad as I am that it got licensed it’s really a shame that you’re going to have to stop translating it

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    1. Yeah. I’ve definitely learned a lot by translating it… I wonder where things will go from here.

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  2. Mixed feelings of hooray for author and it’s a matter of time for me to get a subscription once there are enough novels for me to enjoy a full year and oh no for you possible stopping to translate.

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  3. Thanks for everything

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  4. imo it’s still kinda bull shit that something available in jap online for free must be taken down just because the monetized and refined version got an english license.

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  5. I am super bummed this got licensed and we won’t be able to read any more of it’s story, but… since now you have some free translation time… maybe try reading Kamigoroshi no Eiyuu to nanatsu no seiyaku and see if you’d like to pick up where the translators left off on it?
    It’s a web novel translated by shikkaku, or it was. It was dropped, not licensed, a couple years ago and I really enjoyed the story. Read and see if you’d consider shifting your efforts over here instead 😀


  6. Will you consider doing Takarakuji next? Because afaik, the previous group already dropped the WN TL.


  7. Thank you for translating Monster no Goshujin-sama all of these years!
    I really loved your easy to read TLs…
    I have some mixed feelings, I’m a little sad the fan TL is over but I’m also happy that it was J-Novel that picked the LN up… They are fast and accurate with their work so they are probably gonna reach the fan TL really fast…
    Anyways, thanks! And good luck with your next work!

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