Current Status and Future Plans (7/22/20 Edition)

Another month, another update.

Current Situation

Whew. Been a busy month, but still alive and kickin’. Here’s my monthly progress so far.

Jashin: Unchanged. Have not translated this in a while.

Genocide Reality: See above. I’m sorry Geno-Real fans.

Isekai Kichatta: Though I’ve not made much progress, we’re at about 78% for C2 and 86% for the entire volume. Admittably, I’ve been slacking, but there were reasons. Not very good reasons, but still reasons, mind you.

Last but most certainly not least, the new novel. As a result of the request form I posted a month prior, the novel I’ve chosen is….

Balancing My Support Magic and Summoning Magic in Another World!

Bullied and ostracized by his peers, Kazuhisa Kaya set off into the nearby mountains with one purpose: to dig a pitfall and kill the person behind his suffering. Unbeknownst to him, however, his entire private boarding school had been transported to another world! By some stroke of good luck, his pitfall ends up killing a monster instead. From that moment forward, Kazuhisa evolved into a rare being capable of bringing down monsters. And with his newfound powers, he saves another student being attacked by an orc.

Translation has already begun on the novel, and the volume is about 33% complete as of posting. I hope you guys will enjoy it!

Future Plans

Find a new novel (probably isekai) to translate

—Do V1 of I Kinda Came to Another World, But Where’s the Way Home? in a reasonable time frame (Goal = <4 months).

—Remove MoM chapters in the months to come.

Seriously try to be more consistent in terms of releases.

—Stop procrastinating.

So yeah, that’s all for now. I’ll see you guys next month with another update!


1 thought on “Current Status and Future Plans (7/22/20 Edition)

  1. Nice, looking forward to your new work!

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