I Kinda Came to Another World, but Where’s the Way Home?


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The highschool student who spent their life hated by everyone—Kitsune Naginata.
One day, he lost his life trying to protect the first ever friend he made: Shiori Shinozaki… and before he knew it, he was in another world!
While he didn’t know why he was alive or why he was in another world, there was one thing he knew. In order to fulfull the promise he made with Shiori just before he died, he would return to his former world!
Without cheats or a weapon!
Kitsune’s journey to find a way home in an extraordinarily dangerous world begins——!

Table of Contents:

Volume 1

Prologue – Stranded in Another World (Complete)
Chapter 01 – How to Survive (Complete)
Chapter 02 – The Slave Girl─Lulu Soleil (78.6%; 31927/40600)
Special Inclusion 1 – Finia’s Secret
Special Inclusion 2 – The Distance Between Kitsune and Shiori


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