He made a harem when statuses became visible

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Tatsuya Endou is an ordinary high school student. Speaking of how he is different from people, it’s to the extent that he has a non-Japanese grandparent.
One day, however, it appears he became able to see statuses.
Like that, Tatsuya peeked at the secrets of his classmates, became intimate with his girlfriend, attempted to date, and enjoyed himself in his club activities.

Although sub-humans, skills, and magic appeared, he decided to not risk it. There weren’t such things like crisises of the world.
A gentle and slightly lewd story.

Table of Contents:

He was able to get a girlfriend when statuses became visible

Chapter 01 – He got to know his classmate’s secrets when he became able to see statuses
Chapter 02 – She received it in her mouth when he went to the library room
Chapter 03 – It became like this when he plunged into it without any measures
Chapter 04 – It became mutual love when he saw her panties

His lovers increased by one again when it was permitted

Chapter 01 – I remembered when I drew his portrait
Chapter 02 – He retorted when they ate their bentos
Chapter 03 – It was seen when she was carrying things
Chapter 04 – A repeating gag appeared when they had tea

Just the everyday

Chapter 01 – Girls’ Day
Chapter 02 – Cats and Sexual Harassment

His lovers increased when he became the leader of a club

Chapter 01 – I was aroused when I tasted his blood
Chapter 02 – He was summoned when he didn’t know what to do with his day off
Chapter 03 – It became 4P in spite of the intended 3P
Chapter 04 – It was completely seen when she got drunk

Just the everyday part two

Chapter 01 – Secret Date
Chapter 02 – The mysterious and beautiful girl (lol)……isn’t obtainable
Chapter 03 – Reverse
Chapter 04 – Yūtarou Takahashi’s melancholy

The day the angel flew down

Chapter 01 – The angel in front of the station
Chapter 02 – The angel of the school
Chapter 03 – The angel inside of a dream
Chapter 04 – The angel of a parallel world

An Elf Classmate (Temporary)

Chapter 01 – Empty-handed Elf
Chapter 02 – It’s not embarrassing because it’s an elf!
Chapter 03 – Elf-sama was watching
Chapter 04 – Elf and Motives

3 thoughts on “He made a harem when statuses became visible

  1. When can we expect another update for this?


    1. I have unfortunately, as of the end of V7, dropped this. Sorry.


      1. I know it may not be the best question to ask or one you’re tired of hearing, but can we know why you dropped this novel? If it gets worse for any reason then I’d like to ask so I don’t try MTL to read the rest.


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